CIEC - About Us

The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration began life in 1988 as the Chemical Industry Education Centre. As part of the University of York, CIEC has charitable status and is a not-for-profit organisation. Since its inception, it has had the support of both the Department of Chemistry and the Chemical Industries Association. CIEC continues to work closely with the chemical sector to ensure that its science and related careers are easily understood by teachers and school children of all ages.

The recent name change, in 2014, represents the gradual development and expansion of CIEC’s core activities to include all science industries and all sciences taught in schools. CIEC’s highly regarded team continues to work with the primary and secondary education sectors, with its current project base being largely in primary education. Research has identified the 10-14 age range as the time when children ‘switch off’ from science and are often unaware of the career opportunities that science industries can offer. CIEC provides solutions to these problems, and then works with older students to maintain this momentum of enthusiasm, through programmes such as Spectroscopy in a Suitcase for A-level Chemistry students.

CIEC is responsible for running York University Science Outreach Centre (YSOC), which offers space for staff across the University to run STEM outreach activities with primary and secondary pupils.

Our continued existence is reliant on the support of organisations and companies that share our passion and provide funding for us to engage children in meaningful, contextualised science and to learn about the opportunities for careers in industry.

To find out how you can get involved, please contact CIEC. To learn about organisations that currently fund us, visit our sponsors page, and to read case studies about projects that companies have funded, visit our industry page.

Meet The Team

Joy Parvin CIEC

Joy Parvin

I have been working with CIEC since 1992, having started writing resource materials as a teacher two years previously. I am responsible for the overall strategy, business planning, finance and fundraising, direction and management of CIEC. In addition I sit on a number of education committees, contribute to national and international conferences to provide professional development consultation and disseminate the work of CIEC.

Louise Wise CIEC

Louise Wise

I joined CIEC as Development Manager to deliver the funds needed to develop and update our resources. Before joining CIEC, I worked in the Charity sector for over 10 years, specifically with individuals and companies to raise funds for a number of national charities. At CIEC I will be working with Industry and individuals to help us to fund programmes such as Children Challenging Industry and our resource packs, but also looking to the future and expanding CIEC's reach. 

Nicky Waller CIEC

Nicky Waller

My current role with CIEC has evolved since starting as an advisory teacher for the Children Challenging industry project in 2004. I now also plan, lead and present a wide range of exciting training packages for primary teachers, mainly at the National Science Learning Centre in York but also at courses and conferences around the country. In addition to this I write and edit educational resources for teachers, many of these linking with industry and making the real world accessible to Primary aged children

Jenny Harvey CIEC

Jenny Harvey

I stated working with the CIEC team in 2011, working to deliver the Children Challenging Industry programme in the North East. My role in this well-established scheme is to provide CPD in schools for the whole staff on effective science-industry links in addition to classroom-based activities for pupils. I liaise with manufacturing and production industries and provide training for companies wishing to host school visits to ensure high quality, curriculum-relevant interaction in the workplace.

Jane Winter CIEC

Jane Winter

I worked in primary schools as an Early Years teacher and Science Subject Leader, I was supported by CIEC to make science a valued and exciting part of our school curriculum; we were twice awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark at Gold Level. In September 2014 I joined the team and now work to plan and deliver equally inspiring and effective CPD to other primary school teachers.

Maria Turkenburg CIEC

Maria Turkenburg

I have a background in chemistry research at York, and embarked on a career in science education in 2007, in the Department of Education. I re-joined the Department of Chemistry in October 2016 when I started on an educational research project with the CIEC, job sharing with Pam Hanley. We extend the research capacity of the CIEC on all its fronts, investigating the impact of CIEC on children, their teachers, their schools, and the industries involved with CIEC projects.

Wang Guirong CIEC

Wang Guirong

I have joined CIEC as a visiting scholar for a year, from September 2018. I have a background in chemistry research in Beijing University of Chemical Technology in China. After finishing my PhD I embarked on chemistry outreach for 2 year’s postdoctoral research. I have come to the University of York to learn more about CIEC’s outreach projects, and to promote communication and cooperation between UK and China on outreach projects.

Madeline Crosswaite CIEC

Madeline Crosswaite

I recently joined the CIEC in autumn 2018 having just completed a PhD in Psychology in Education and with a background in Educational Studies. I have spent time in classrooms in the past and have particular interest in research dissemination with teachers. My main role within the CIEC is as a programme evaluator. Within this, my main roles are to sort and clean the teacher and pupil data collected from the programme, analyse the data, interpret the findings and translate them into an easy to understand format. I will also be involved in compiling the report based on the 2017/18 data to share with our partners and the public.

Clare Docking CIEC

Clare Docking

I joined the CIEC team in 2018 as a primary science advisory teacher delivering the Children Challenging Industry project in the South East of England. I have worked for many years as a primary teacher and Science Subject Leader. I deliver science workshops within schools promoting industry and educational links, and I support the CPD programme for teachers in the area of primary science.

Rana Torson CIEC

Rana Torsun

I provide all programme, administration and coordination support for the CIEC team. Before joining CIEC, I worked in London-wide schools for over five years and following completion of Primary PGCE training I continue to be passionate to inspire primary children in their cross-curricular learning of science through my administrative work. I have over ten year’s professional background in the charities and commercial sector, which includes museum education, learning programme coordination and events management.

Cliff Porter CIEC

Cliff Porter

I have over 12 years' experience teaching in Secondary schools, Further Education and teacher training in Higher Education. My areas of expertise are in Science education, teacher professional development and the production of teaching resources. I have been working with CIEC since 2001 and have developed many of the CIEC web-based and interactive resources. In addition to my secondary school experience, my work with CIEC has enabled me to gain an understanding of primary science and the needs of primary teachers.