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These activities and investigations are designed so that children aged 7+ can tackle them independently, with just a little help from an adult to get started. All activities have built-in questions to get children thinking, as well as challenges to take their learning further. Once they’ve tried the main activity, children might like to invite their parents to join them in these additional challenges, and younger children could also join in the fun with support from an adult or older sibling.

The Best Bubble

Children are challenged by the ‘Bubbles Company’ to find the best bubble mixture. They experiment with washing-up liquid and water to find the bubble which lasts the longest. They use trial and error to find a recipe which is just right. This is great for outdoor learning but can be done inside too.
Children's activity iconThe Best Bubble Activity

Filter Fun

Children are challenged by ‘Tees Engineering’ to solve their water filtration problem using everyday filters found around the home. They hunt for household filters, make their own sample of murky reservoir water to pour through the filters to find out how quickly and how effectively they do their job. Coming soon... Video introduction to this activity from a Civil Engineer.
Children's activity iconFilter Fun Activity

Which Washing Product?

The Eco-Wash company is developing a new washing product and wants to know which existing products are best at removing stains from fabric. Children put home-use washing products to the test to find out which ones achieve the desired result and make their recommendation to the scientists at Eco-Wash.
Children's activity iconWhich Washing Product? Activity