• The children benefited from seeing how the things they learn at school are relevant to the real world.
  • Hopefully, we have inspired young children to study science further in the future and who knows, maybe one or two could come and work here in 10 years time.
  • Our involvement in Children Challenging Industry is a real example of how the company's vision to be involved and have commitment to our neighbours is actually put into practice.
  • We had a primary visit into the labs today and it was probably the best presentation I’ve ever given.
  • I want to help other children to get the right careers advice if they do want to become a scientist.

Working with CIEC:

Your organisation can promote enthusiasm amongst school children and thus motivate a future work force by engaging in STEM activities that highlight career opportunities within your sector.

The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) focuses on highlighting STEM opportunities for young people by building visible links between science education and its application in industry and related careers. You need our expertise to increase and sustain the number of local children considering a future within your industry. CIEC offers science industries a range of tailored approaches to working with schools.

Developing Resources
Development of educational materials CIEC

CIEC has developed over 100 resources for science companies and organisations, linking school curriculum science with industry’s core practices, processes, products and people in order to reverse the negative perceptions children often hold about industry. CIEC has the educational expertise and reputation to ensure that these resources are highly regarded in schools. Visit this case study for an example of the impact of these resources, or visit our primary or secondary web pages for further examples of these freely available resources. read more

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Engaging With Children
Engage in Children Challenging Industry

This well-established programme has been running since 1996, and involves a company or organisation hosting one of CIEC’s advisory teachers to (i) train industry personnel to carry out ambassador and/or site visits (ii) work directly in local schools to train teachers and engage primary children in exciting science investigations that focus on science relevant to both the curriculum and industry’s practices. Click here to find out how one company in the south east of England has achieved this. read more

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Develop your workforce
Develop your workforce CIEC

Training is available to cultivate and support a programme of local collaboration with schools and teachers to enhance your company reputation and build strong links with local schools. Visit this case study for an example of how this is building sustained engagement with schools. read more

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Industry Partnerships
Collaborate with local companies CIEC

By sponsoring an industry-education specialist to work with schools local to your site and help you to engage with the local community in the most effective way. Visit this case study for an example of companies working together to provide this support. read more

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