Enabling Accurate Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (2nd edition)

The teacher assessment frameworks, produced by the Standards and Testing Agency, should be used by primary teachers to help make robust and accurate judgements at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2. To show that pupils have met the standard for science, teachers will need to have evidence that a pupil demonstrates consistent attainment of all the statements within the standard; both for 'working scientifically' and for 'science content'. In response to this, CIEC have produced Enabling Accurate Teacher Assessment in Primary Science, which includes comprehensive guidance for teachers of all year groups on how to carry out ongoing assessments and make useful contributions to end of key stage judgements. This second edition is to be used for the academic year 2018/19 onward.

Contact CIEC if you would prefer published copy, at £2.50 (plus p&p). We can offer a discount of orders for 8 or more.

With special thanks to the Salters' Institute for funding this resource.